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16 best Online passive income ideas

Everyone is aware that traditional jobs are becoming increasingly obsolete. Many tasks are being taken over by machines, and there simply aren’t enough people to hire to meet the demand for those services. To compensate, many businesses are turning to online passive income as an alternative way to generate revenue without ever leaving the house.

Passive income is almost exactly what it sounds like: you own a business and receive regular payments from it whether you work or not. The trick is to figure out how to get that cash flow coming in so you can live your life rather than just working towards some distant future in which you hope your business earnings will be sufficient. Here are the top ways to generate passive income.

Selling Online Courses

More and more people are opting to get their education online, and this is especially true at institutions like colleges where enrollment is rising rapidly. Although many people like the flexibility of online courses, they often miss the interaction and fellowship of in-person classes.

With a platform like ClickFunnels, you can design a digital classroom that guides students sequentially through a collection of classes in the style of a conventional lecture hall.

There are a variety of options for incorporating interactivity into your content, like quizzes, examinations, and certificates of accomplishment. The course dashboard may be modified to provide you with information on your student’s participation in the course.

Certain aspects of your course, such as private forums or virtual team chat, may even be available for a price to your students.

16 best Online passive income ideas

Selling E-Books

In particular, if you know how to get your e-book to the top of Amazon’s sales charts, it may be a very successful online venture. In addition, the Amazon Affiliate program makes it easy to write and release your book:

First, you should send your manuscript to a publishing house like Ingram. Customers may quickly and easily locate your book on major bookselling platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble because of Ingram’s affiliation with more than five thousand bookstores.

The second phase involves registering your book with the Amazon Affiliates program and submitting the proofs. With this affiliate program, you may get money every time a reader uses your Amazon affiliate link to purchase a book.

Starting an Online Store

Establishing a web-based business is a great method to make money with minimal work over the long run.

Products are bought in bulk at a discount and then resold at a profit. In most cases, the online store itself serves as the “inventory” and the proprietor receives a monthly payment for this service.

Taking sponsored ads for things you sell or extra for higher services are two more viable revenue streams to consider. Your online shop may also serve as a proving ground for novel approaches to e-commerce.

A good example of a storefront where you may sell services that earn passive money is a coaching or investment service.

Creating an App

Making a popular app is another method to earn money while you sleep. App developers are hired by businesses at a cost of several thousand dollars for each app. Yet, when it comes to monetizing your app, you may set prices at will.

One reliable indicator of this is the level of success enjoyed by individual applications inside respective app marketplaces.

When many users have downloaded your app but only a small percentage actually uses it, you have the opportunity to charge a premium price for access to additional features.

16 best Online passive income ideas

Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

If you have expertise with marketing methods or are a great seller, you may like to become an affiliate marketer and earn money from online advertisements. There are many networks where you may sign up to advertise various firms’ items.

You only need to determine which products your target audience will purchase utilizing the product connections you earn.

Click the “go” button next to the affiliate link for the product you choose to advertise, and you’re set to go. Prior to joining affiliate marketing networks, there are several things to think about.

The first decision you must make is the commission rate you are ready to accept. The second factor to consider is the number of things you wish to advertise. The final thing you need to remember is the registration approval deadline

Selling Digital Products

Selling digital items is a terrific method to generate money online if you have a unique product concept or a large library of ebooks and other things to offer.

E-book and online course sales have become a major source of income for many people nowadays.

You can subscribe to certain services in order to have access to sales leads from people who are interested in purchasing your goods.

16 best Online passive income ideas

Building a Website

Building a website that delivers value to your visitors is one of the finest methods to generate passive money online.

The idea is to create a site that benefits your visitors rather than you. You may create a website using a WordPress theme or your own custom code. Instead, you may purchase a ready-made website from a provider such as Squarespace.

You may create a site using bespoke development or purchase a ready-made solution. If you want to generate money from your website, avoid creating pages that collect visitors but offer nothing of value.

Your website should provide value to your visitors and be created in such a way that they will want to return.

Creating a Blog

Blogging has long been a popular way to generate passive income, but with the expansion of digital audiences, it is now more accessible than ever.

You may use your blog to sell digital things such as e-books, digital classes, and membership sites, or you can just use it to share your expertise and hobbies with the rest of the world.

You may also make money through affiliate links, which pay you a portion of any sales made by your readers after clicking on your link. This can be a terrific way to fast gain a huge number of readers with a lot of money. You may also utilize your blog to promote yourself.

You might, for example, provide a training session on how to utilize a product or service. You may develop useful material, consistently post it, and gain links from other websites that you own or administer.

Selling Stock Photos

Finding and selling existing stock photographs is one of the finest methods to generate passive money. It’s a simple process.

Just browse stock picture sites such as Shutterstock, Istock, and PhotoDune for photos to utilize in your goods. You can also choose to license your images, which can be less expensive.

After you’ve selected photographs, just add your watermark to them and sell them through a stock photo site. You may choose your rates after uploading photographs to sites like Shutterstock, iStock, and PhotoDune.

Nevertheless, other sites, such as Shutterstock, impose a fee for each image sold, so if you have a large number of photographs, selling them through stock photo sites may be more cost-effective.

16 best Online passive income ideas

Selling Stock Video Footage

Finding stock video material online and then using those clips to create your own pieces is by far one of the finest methods to generate passive money online. The beauty of this approach is that it allows you to be quite creative.

Then again, who doesn’t? You may get footage for your films on sites like Animewatch or Videohive.

You may then start selling such videos as stock videos on sites like iStock or VideoDune. You may also use video editing software like Final Cut to make and sell your videos.

16 best Online passive income ideas

Selling Digital Art

This is not precisely a money-making opportunity, but it is a terrific way to establish a portfolio of your unique artwork that you can offer at a premium price or retain for your own usage.

The advantage of selling digital art is that it may be created without pricey equipment. You only require a computer and a drawing application like Photoshop.

You may obtain photos to utilize in your work on a variety of art websites, such as 99 Designs, Clip Art Library, and Artfire.

Add your watermark to the photographs you’ve found, and you’re good to go. iStock, Shutterstock, and Artfire let you price and sell your paintings.

Selling Online Consulting Services

Consultancy services are one of the finest methods to earn passive money online because, once again, no special equipment is required to generate them.

Free or very inexpensive computers and Internet connections are all that are required. You may sell consulting services on websites such as Elance, Freelancer, and Upwork, which are all excellent venues for finding clients and delivering your skills.

This may be a wonderful way to earn a little extra dollars as a side gig or as a method to supplement your income when you have fewer hours at work or a full-time job.

Selling Online Subscriptions

Selling products is different from selling subscriptions. You create a product that is sold on a recurring basis, such as once a month or once a year, but you do not receive payment until the end of the corresponding time period.

Offering subscriptions guarantees revenue regardless of whether the customer ever accesses the service. This business model has the advantage of being easy to adopt. Sign up for Tube Prime or Grooveshark and start selling subscriptions.

You can set your prices and make sure you get paid fairly for your work by using sites like PayPal or Venmo.

Selling Domains

Although it may be a stretch, you may transform your website into a profitable business. Once you have a website, you may easily sell domains ranging

The beauty of this is that nearly no one sells these names, therefore you can make a lot of money for them. You can search for domain sales and discover a plethora of fantastic domains for sale at extremely low prices.

You can then buy one of these domains, create a website, and begin selling subscriptions or digital goods from that site.

You can also charge a fee for members-only access to your site, or sell event tickets or site access.

Selling Hosting Services

You may easily convert your website into a profitable company by selling web hosting. This is a similar concept to selling domains in that absolutely no one sells web hosting, thus you’ll have a lot of sales.

All you have to do is buy a hosting plan and then sell hosting packages on sites like Host Gator or Host Machine. You can also resell current hosting packages on websites such as eBay or Amazon.

Selling Sponsorships

Sponsorship ads are one of the finest methods to earn passive income online since you simply build the ad, select your target demographic, and then sit back and watch the money pour in.

From fitness to sports to travel, you can find sponsors for almost anything. Simply go to sites like VBS or MediaBistro to locate sponsors for your advertisements, and then establish your costs.


These ideas for passive income should have shown you how advantageous it is to start a business offering services that don’t require you to sit in front of a computer all day.

Work-life balance is not an issue with these companies because employees are given the option to work from home. Also, the greater number of opportunities for passive income that you investigate, the more money you will bring in.